But, Pinterest is MORE!
Pinterest is the secret to achieve high visibility
for you and your blog.

Using Pinterest means more traffic, more engagement, and more subscribers that are the key to making a living online.

Pinterest is the VISUAL SEARCH ENGINE solution to
online marketing challenges.

SKIP the social media channels for NOW,
make PINTEREST your ONLY focus.

But, you must know the best ways to use Pinterest
to get maximum results.

  One of the best kept secrets in the online marketing world isn’t a secret at all! It’s just that most people growing an online business or blog presence haven’t a clue which direction to turn for the best marketing advice and system.
  • BEST PRACTICES set up by Pinterest are what Pinterest expects you to adhere to. These are what make Pinterest such a great tool.
  • BEST PRACTICES set up by Solo Lady CEO are NOT the same. They are the systems and processes developed by Maureen Beaucond for Solo Lady CEO that pack a whollop in getting you and your work known and seen in the noisy internet world. Read more about Solo Lady CEO here.
  • There are BEST PRACTICES for BOTH Solo Lady CEO and for Pinterest that overlap in some very strategic ways. There is an exciting synergy between these sets of BEST PRACTICES that you will appreciate.  When set in place and working, you quickly begin to see exponential growth in the traffic to your website and an increase in engagement. You will also experience an increase in subscribers to your email list.

What is your BIG goal for your blog and website?
For your business?

Am I right in saying your goal is tied to traffic that
converts and subscribes to your email list?


Why is your email list so important?

Your email list is the only thing you own other than what you write or the products you have created, both digital and physical.
Most bloggers and online business owners just don’t know how to create a marketing machine that doesn’t cost a ton of money while it works every day for months or years to come.
It’s a little bit like a perpetual time machine crossed with the EveryReady Bunny.  It just keeps working while you move on to another project.

So, what are the basics of these combined systems?

  1. Sign on for Solo Lady CEO – BEST PRACTICES CLUB EMAIL – it’s FREE. Each email has a single Pinterest tip, an actionable online marketing tip, a writing tip, an online business tip or specific how-to you can implement right away.
  2. I make sure you are up to date on Pinterest BEST PRACTICES as well as other Pinterest online trends you need to be aware of.  I keep you up to date so you don’t have to waste time finding and understanding how to tweak your Pinterest marketing.
  3. If you haven’t written an article or blog before, sign on to Maureen’s 5-DAY WRITE FOR INCOME course – it’s FREE and arrives in your email inbox. It’s the easy way to write your first 5 killer blogs and promotions, emails, posts and Pinterest pins.
  4. Set up a Pinterest Business account. Set non-relevant boards to SECRET boards and switch from a PERSONAL board to a BUSINESS board.  Pinterest has a detailed help page to walk you through this process.  While in the help section, research the how-to and installation of Pinterest Rich Pins.  More on this in future blogs. It’s critical, just do it!
  5. NEVER DELETE BOARDS OR PINS because it will also delete those boards followers. Those followers may not be super relevant now but could become interested as they see your new business pins. Just set non-relevant boards to secret.
  6. Follow the Pinterest pinning system (below) suggested by Solo Lady CEO BEST PRACTICES.
  7. Use no more than 5 hashtags per pin, using 3 to 4 is best.
  8. Key words used in the pin description, pin title, and title of the board the pin is pinned to must be the same SEO words that are relevant to each other. SEO words should be very tightly focused so you don’t confuse the search algorithms. Everything in your blog and pin must be a single focus using the same key words throughout. Really! No funky or clever words, just the specific words a person would use in searching for your content.
  9. Be sure the bio you have on your Pinterest Business Account is relevant to the boards in your account and include featured SEO words.
  10. Pin a single pin only ONCE to a SINGLE board. An IMAGE + URL (web address) COMBO counts as a single pin. If you change the description it still counts as that same one pin.

    Using a NEW image and NEW description counts as 1 NEW pin.

    To create different pins for the same blog post, you must use a different pin IMAGE + different description.
  11. Create several boards relevant to each other so you can pin each unique image to many boards. You can do this manually or with a scheduler like Tailwind which I use.
    (If you click  on my Tailwind links for a free trial and decide to subscribe to Tailwind, I may receive a commission but it does not affect the price of a subscription.)

**DO NOT pin to the same board UNLESS you use a new pin with a new image and text.  I recommend creating 3 unique pins for each blog post, each with a different image and a different description.
  1. Follow the Solo Lady CEO pinning strategy until you have enough pins looping (using Tailwind or pinning manually) that you can cut back on blog production.
    a.  Write a short (approximately 400 words) single topic blog including a specific take away. You can write a longer blog but Solo Lady CEO suggests more blogs in the 400 to 750 words range. (This blog is about 1200 words.) Then, set up a 3 pin outreach promotion for each blog. Post to your main focus board (based on your blog topic) and each relevant board. I use the same key words and hashtags.
    b.  If using Tailwind, set up board lists for unique categories. This is the simplest and fastest way to schedule a pin by intervals. Set the interval to approximately 5 days.
    Sometimes I use a shorter interval but it is not Best Practice for Pinterest. I just do it and use multiple unique pins.
    1. Keep a file of images on your desktop that are relevant to the blog categories you write about. These images can be collected free on Canva where you will create your pin graphic, downloaded from and These are my favorite copyright free image sources. Most of the images are free. Some may range from $1 to near $20 for templates. I have only paid for 2 images ever and each was $1.
    2. Check your Pinterest board list for the relevant category you have written your blog about. If you select an Upsplash or Pexels image, upload it to your Canva account ( free or Canva Pro for $12.95 per month.)
    3. Set your Pinterest pin image to 1000×1500 or 600×900 pixels. Use the Pinterest pin template. I adjust the size to 1000×1500. Add your choice of image to the pin. If placing text on the pin, add a white layer block under the text with about 65% transparency. insert the text on top of the white layer. Add your Website address or watermark to the pin you are creating.

      Canva and YouTube have great tutorials
      if you need them.

    4. Make at least 3 pin variations for each blog. Use a different image for each. Change the overlaid text a bit and change the pin description. Be sure to include the URL (website address link.)
    5. Schedule a single, unique blog to the relevant Pinterest Board Lists you created in Tailwind. Again, use the interval posting set to 4 or 5 days between posts.
If you are serious about growing your blog and business and doing it as a Solo Lady CEO, you will be spending 10 to 20 hours each week on your business. Don’t waste a minute!

Master a single outreach process before starting a second.
I am a firm believer that should be Pinterest.



You may not want to use social media if you work Pinterest right.
That will save you a whole lot of time to do other things.
The most important task you have at the beginning stage of your business or if your business is stuck in the mud and needs a quick jump start, is WRITING.

WRITE as many content rich blogs as time permits and
promote each on PINTEREST.

Find a block of time to set as your writing time and don’t let anything squeeze this time away from you! Ideally you will schedule a 60 to 90-minute block of time each day to write.
This means only WRITE! No cell phone, no distractions, no multi-tasking (it doesn’t work anyway.) Hang a sign on your desk that this is work time and post the time you will be available to solve problems for others.
Batch writing like this is a super good practice. Your creativity flows at warp speed, you get a ton of related ideas and as you jot them down you have an entire series of related blog posts.
Then, BATCH create the pins to promote your blogs, BATCH schedule the blogs and pins.

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