What?? You haven’t reserved your name on the internet?

The Most Important Domain Name You MUST Own

Well, here’s why it matters and
should be an urgent priority!

Whether you are starting a business soon or have no interest in a business,  the one thing every woman needs to invest in is the domain (www.WhateverYourName.com) containing her name.
I use the term ‘invest’ rather loosely. Registering ‘your name’ domain name is a $10 to $12 investment for the first year and each year you renew it.

Ok, you have your business domain name.
Your own name as a domain name is
even more important.
It’s an asset you must own.

Many years ago I realized that you must register and own your name domain name or someone else can and likely will snatch it.
Naw, you say! Just google your name and see how many name alikes you have in the world. If anyone else register it, it’s gone forever.
I registered my name as a domain name many years ago.  When I share this domain name with anyone, I capitalize my names for easy to read emphasis, www.MaureenBeaucond.com.   
I am not using or promoting this website yet, but I have set it live to begin organic exposure. I put up a “Coming Soon” page on my website to display and direct anyone who may land there to visit my main website.  I use the SeedProd free plugin for WordPress to make the  Coming Soon page. It doesn’t take any tech skills beyond the skill it takes to create a Word or Google doc.
Thinking way ahead, if you ever sell your business or blog the domain name will be included in the sale. I firmly believe every person, online entrepreneur or not, needs to brand her image and name. This is insurance for anyone in a 9 to 5 job too.

   Why is registering the domain for your personal name an
urgent step to take NOW ?

  1. Locking in the exact name you want is urgent asap so another person can’t take it. Think ahead! Many people have similar if not the same name. Do a Google search of your name if you have doubts.
  2. Most business names you may want to use are independent of your personal name. As soon as you have a specific business name in mind, you should reserve it by registering that domain or multiple domains if there are several good names you don’t want to lose out on.
  3. I believe every potential writer, blogger or entrepreneur should think about visibility. To be found online you should register and own a business name with a relevant connection to the focus of your writing, blog, business or audience niche. Do it as soon as you know the focus of your business.
  4. DO NOT REGISTER ANY DOMAINS except the “.com” version. Many other variations of names are available, such as .net or .biz or .anything else and buying any of them is a BIG waste of money!
This is covered in detail during the first of two LIVE Coffee Breaks included in my free 5-Day Write For Income Email Course.
I want to make sure you know the critical importance of having your own unique domain name plus your business domain name and how to position your domains to work in tandem for super visibility to grow your business.

Now you have a risk-free decision to make…

Here’s what you get in my
free 5-Day Write For Income Email Course.

It’s loaded with what you need to Write, Blog and Start a Business. I show women like you how to transform their lives as each becomes a successful Solo Lady CEO.
I will teach you how to make really good income based on your knowledge and experiences WITHOUT hiring a big staff and becoming overwhelmed with work.

Here’s what you will learn in the free
5-Day Write For Income Email Course:

  1. Learn exactly how to protect what you write and create. You own it and need to protect your assets!
  2. Writing is the very core of any business. It’s not like being in English class, it’s like talking over coffee with your best friend.
  3. Identify WHAT you really want in your life (tangible and not tangible,) WHY you want it and HOW to get rid of what is keeping you from getting your goals. This is a homework assignment and will take about an hour.
  4. You’ll learn specific steps to gain 8+ more hours every week. This is an 8 page workbook to pinpoint the exact ways you can create more time.
  5. You’ll know WHAT you want, WHY you want it, HOW you are going to get it and WHEN you will have it. This is a homework assignment. You can bring your questions to the two LIVE Coffee Breaks to get my feedback.
  6. You will begin the listing the inventory of what you know. I call this your Brain Inventory and will walk you through setting up your Brain Inventory Journal. This will enable you to understand the ways to monetize your business so you remain in total control. You will recognize the valuable assets you alone own.
    People pay you for what you know and your experiences. That is what makes you valuable to anyone who knows 10% to 100% less than what you know.
  7. You will know exactly what steps you must take to get your business started and what it will cost. You will receive my proven list of required tools, both free and a little cost each month. You decide but I tell it as it is.
  8. You will understand the differences between a Writer and a Blogger.

Grab the Writing Course

You’ll discover the real reasons you haven’t started writing, blogging or creating an income producing business and what will fix them. Really!

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