What can the SOLO LADY CEO CLUB possibly do for you?

“What blogging secrets can you possibly tell me that I don’t know or
find in my inbox every day?”
you say.

I know that’s what you are thinking.
Those blogging gurus send out
hundreds of emails every week.

   Please read all the way through.
THEN decide if you are going to invite me into your inbox!

Who is the SOLO LADY CEO CLUB for?

  1. An existing blogger whose business is stuck in the mud for whatever reason. It’s not growing and you are frustrated! Maybe ready to give up!
  2. An experienced blogger excited to take your business to the next level.
  3. A committed blogger at any level and your goal is full time income within the next year or so.

 I love focusing on you
and the exciting blogging future ahead for you!

I don’t like to talk about me.

But, it is important that you know where I am coming from and why you need to have the SOLO LADY CEO CLUB email drop to your inbox every week!
Let me give you the 411 on why I think and work differently than the masses.
I’m a renegade of sorts and a bit of a revolutionary thinker. You must think differently to stand out and get noticed in today’s world.
  1. I have had the inhouse staff, I have outsourced work, and I ran myself ragged keeping up with it all!
    In my experience, the biggest business time thief was outsourcing. It was the constant back and forth with in-house developers & outsourced virtual assistants to get the content message right by my thinking and with my flavor of writing & graphics. Then came the tweaking and final revisions. Finally, the project is ready to go live and I was left sweating like a has-been race horse limping across the finish line!
  2. I took courses from and listened to the gurus of the internet world during the two years I spent reinventing my business. The BIG takeaway from this is every one of the gurus put out ultra-generic content while professing that they have the secret to an instantly successful blog and business. There are exceptions but I can count them on PART of one hand!
  3. I have 20+ years online business and teaching experience. My business and I grew in tandem with the internet. The internet has evolved into an extensive web but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as some online mentors make it.
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    Most of the sponsored courses and offers to teach you something are from mentors who have been working online for a few months to maybe 3 to 5 years. Some just copy what their mentors sell to them.
    One well-respected mentor I worked with and paid up  good money for access to courses has worked online for 10 years. But, a big chunk of that was as an employee, then cloning that job into an internet business and eventually ending up as an online presenter when the original niche began dying off. Totally another story…

There is absolutely NO RISK to
join the SOLO LADY CEO CLUB weekly email.

No risk because it’s free!

No surprises from me! I don’t believe in bait and switch like so many gurus do to get you to enroll in a high-priced course. Yes, I teach courses. But, you will know if you need one!

You will know when it’s time you take a leap to invest in yourself. No hard sell is going to force you to leap.

My courses are “By Application” because not everyone is ready to grow their blog and business for a number of reasons. You will receive the schedules of my courses, all come with one-on-one support.

But you get me with the SOLO LADY CEO CLUB too – free!

Regardless, nothing will work unless you do!

The SOLO LADY CEO CLUB focuses on
a single topic each week.

I try to keep the topics very specific to help you grow your blog and business. These topics include writing, growing your blog audience, saving oodles of time, staying on task, and a whole lot more – each topic with a specific takeaway you can implement asap.

Productivity and Saving Time
are radically important to
your blog writing and business.

You will be getting a very different spin on productivity and time management from me.
You will only get what works, none of the fluff and generalities others write about or teach.

So, are you in?


I am really excited to be invited to your inbox!  solo-lady-ceo-club-weekly-email-c

I want you to leave comments, send me emails of your unique challenges, maybe even share your blog with me to guest post on one of my websites.

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ps…  Questions? Send me an email or leave in the comments below. I’ll get back to you quickly!
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