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Why Maureen Beaucond and Coffee Hour Business should be your first choice of mentor and educator to start your online business…

maureen-beaucond-sig First, I am Maureen Beaucond.

If we haven’t met before, I want to share a bit about why I am qualified to help you start and grow an online business and why I know what I teach you will work.
I teach people like you to teach what they know and have experienced to others.
And, they make money doing it.
I began my online experience and teaching online entrepreneurs over 20 years ago. The internet and my teaching have evolved in tandem over the years.  Everything online is constantly changing so I make sure what I teach is up to date. I keep up with changes and trends that work so you are always in the know.


I want to share a quick overview of what you get when you work with me in any of my courses or free workshops to start and grow your online business or blog.
My expertise is helping people like you start an online business for the freedom of being your own boss and earning a dependable income.
I help you wrap your head around how you think and do Mindset, Time and Money to get them right.
A shift in thinking is critical to ensure the success of your business. Unless you get these three things right, your Mindset, Time and Money, you will always struggle in your business. Always!
Money is not how rich you are. It’s about how you value yourself and set prices for what you sell. Time is always a BIG challenge but we tame it! My promise to you is no overwhelm! You will work with me in simplified steps. Mindset is what makes it all work.
How do I make sure you get this right?
We start with
WHAT you want
WHY you want it
WHEN you want it
And finally,
HOW you are going to get it
You must do the work but it is scheduled around your other commitments in your day. As I said, no overwhelm!
I am dedicated to giving you the personal touch that is missing in most if not all courses. You get me, not an admin assistant, not a virtual assistant acting for me.
You get ME and what I know from my 20+ years online business experience and teaching business to thousands of people over the years.
As I said, you get ME and I share what I know with you in specific steps to avoid overwhelm and eliminate the mistakes many new bloggers and online business owners experience.
If you don’t know what you want to choose for a business focus, we’ll work together to nail it down.  I created a list of 114 Great Business Ideas.  I handpicked these ideas to help you brainstorm what would be a good fit for you.
I can help you make any business idea work. We may have to tweak it a bit and get creative, but that is not a problem!
I work with you on this when you enroll in my FREE 5-Day Design Your Business LIVE Workshop, my 30-Day Kick Start Your Business Course or my Take Your Business to Pro Course.
I’ll tell you more about the opportunities to work with me after you join me for my FREE 5-Day Design Your Business LIVE Workshop.
The Workshop is FREE to make sure a business is something you really want and are willing to commit to.
Starting a business isn’t hard but it takes consistency and the desire to do the work.
If you have hit a brick wall in your blog or business and need to get it moving forward, let me help you get through the stumbling block that is holding you back.
There are three stages to what I teach you regardless of where you are in your business.  The FREE 5-Day Design Your Business Workshop will make a huge impact on your success whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing blog or business.


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