The ULTIMATE PLAN for a Retirement Blog & Business

“My Life, My Mission & Me”
for a Retirement Blog & Business
by Maureen Beaucond

Maureen Beaucond created this valuable tool for her own Blog and Business and is now sharing with you
because it WORKS!

How the Ultimate Plan for Retirement Blog and Business Works as the first stage and resource core of your new
Blog and Business

Many years ago I was invited to be a member of a business think tank at a local hospital to give feedback on the executive health program they were creating.
They showered participants with a lot of useable promotional products as a thank you but one item became a most valuable record of my personal and business life.
That item was a very thick hot pink steno-sized spiral-bound notebook that soon became my brain book. I wrote things to remember, feelings I had, wins and disappointments, wild-hare ideas to someday put into action and anything else that I didn’t want to forget or thought I might not be able to recall when needed, whether personal or business.

This pink notebook, although small,
came to be known as my BRAIN BOOK.

Since that first experience with what many now call a “brain-dump,” my use of spiral notebooks has evolved into a more organized style. To a stranger picking up my spiral notebook it would appear to be a huge mish-mash of gobbledee-goop.
To me it is the content and business resources that I treasure and use almost daily.

I want to share with you my exact, simplified
for an Awesome Retirement Blog & Business

How-to follows but I want to invite you to my live video where I work with you  1-on-1 to set up your ULTIMATE PLAN for YOUR
unique Retirement Blog & the Business that is built around it.

You are unique, what you know is unique and the business you are starting or growing is unique.

Working together you and I make sure your work hours fit your lifestyle around what is important to you. With a calendar and your ULTIMATE PLAN spiral journal, we collect all the core details of your business in one easy to access location.
If you are an active user of Pinterest I am sure you have seen 7,329 versions of bullet journals and business plans, some simple and others more complicated than diagramming the universe.
The bullet jopurnal form of organization has become a science to some people who meticulously create illustrated and extremely detailed e-books and journals that need a lot of copying and re-creating.
But, for me, the simple process my ULTIMATE PLAN “My Life, My Mission, and Me” has become a foolproof, easy to use and even easier to find the important entries I have recorded.

Simplify Your Business With Laser Focus
Compress Timeframes to Exceed Your Goals

Here is the basic overview of how it works…
1. Choose a spiral notebook that is 80 to 100+ pages, and close to 8-1/2 by 11  inches, letter size.
2. Be sure the notebook(s) have a perforated tear line in case you need to remove an intact page.
3. I use 4 colors of pens for entries. They are black, blue, red, and sometimes green. I like the Uni-Ball 207 gel pens
4. I use good quality highlighters that don’t bleed through a sheet of paper in the colors of yellow, orange and pink. My favorite and the only brand I buy is Sharpie Smear Guard Highlighters. I like the shape and they don’t bleed. I like a bright or flourescent yellow.
Before you make any entries into your bullet journal you must do three things:
1. Leave the first 8 sheets blank (16 pages.) This will be your index.
2. Number each of the remaining pages. I use a rose-colored (non-bleed through) marking pen to the upper outside corner of the page. To me the color is important. It doesn’t throw a blanket on my creativity. Yes, really!
3.When you make an entry of significance, enter the description or key notation on a single line in the index with the page number and the date in the margin.
Optional is to number the pages in your index with the same numbers as you have used in numbering the blank pages for entries. This makes finding your entries easier than the hunt and peck random method.

Here is a sample of what I record in my spiral binders…

My ULTIMATE PLAN journal is where I store information and ideas to later collect, compile, create and communicate as content for my blogs, websites, and writing.
Only the headline or top level topic is documented in the journal. Be sure to note where the full content and images are stored on your computer or in a file.
I work directly into my journal even if I am laying something out on a separate paper or in Trello on my computer or Seva, my email service provider.
I record my business quarterly planning, pricing of products and courses, key words, hash tags, brainstorms to promote my business and blogs, things I hear or read that trigger a major idea in my mind, ideas for blog posts, verbiage that resonates with my niche, what is hot in the niche I am serving, and just about anything that will get lost in my brain if it is not written in a single easy to retrieve location.
Remember your journal is for brainstorming, not storing minute details and total content.
I record my brainstorms (usually evergreen, meaning they are rather timeless) to process at a later time or when it fits a sequence of content I am sharing with my readers.
If what I am recording is not evergreen it needs to be noted to my editorial calendar (which I explain in the video) to ensure it is used for a specific date or season. The calendar can reference a notation in my bullet journal by date for specific information and audience takeaways.
I record my book reviews and notes in my ULTIMATE PLAN journal. I am known to always have a big stack of library books by my reading chair. I like to record the library call information for the book along with my specific comments or reference to passages and these are noted by the book’s page number with the thought or content I am recording. I also note the date of any photos I take with my phone of content for reference, like a bibliography.
Tech knowledge and how-to is an important section of my ULTIMATE PLAN journal. I have a boat load of usernames and passwords that I keep alphabetized and recorded in a separate 3-ring binder. But, there are some tech related tips and procedures that I don’t often use and more often forget.
To keep from wasting time looking up the solution to a tech challenge, I record the solution or process in my journal with reference to the journal page and date recorded in the index.
Date is important for tech tasks because they are always changing and I need to know the latest recorded how-to.

Details of my ULTIMATE PLAN for
Retirement Blog and Business
are very basic.

You can customize, add to, or eliminate individual pieces to fit your needs.
And, you can attend my LIVE workshop or watch my video for even more ways to customize your journal. Subscribe below  to receive updates and links to what I consider valuable blog and business how-to. It will always be specific, simplified and tasks you can whip out quickly for great results.
In the LIVE workshops I cover everything I put into my journal and why I keep that content at my fingertips. If you plan to ever work away from home, like traveling or staying at your weekend retreat, having your ULTIMATE PLAN Journal at your side is a must.


To get you started with your ULTIMATE PLAN for Blog & Business Journal to start your blog and business, I have with several valuable downloads for you.
 You’ll get some extras when you attend my Facebook LIVE hands on to create and personalize your ULTIMATE BULLET JOURNAL FOR BLOG AND BUSINESS. You’ll get my version of a blog post planning sheet and my pre-posting checklist. Both are simple and they really work.
Plus at the Facebook LIKE you will get my time-saving Writing Guide from my quarterly 5-Day Writers Challenge so you will spend less time writing and the content you write will be valuable and useable for your readers.
I’ll show you how to create your Coffee-Hour-Post-it-Board. It is a white board version of a mind-map that ensures you will never run out of blog post topics and allows you to place them into sequences.
In today’s world it is critical for every business to have an internet presence that includes a blog. My ULTIMATE PLAN Journal for Blog & Business contains a huge reservoir of blog post ideas and sequences.

I’ll show you how to create this part of your ULTIMATE PLAN journal when we get together in my free LIVE workshop. A blog is crucial to any business’ success.

Consistency is critical for success!

You must be consistent in both writing and promoting your business.
Your blog is an asset of your business, it is not your business.
Blog and business specific spiral journals are a huge asset.

They keep track of all your Brain Inventory,
your biggest business asset.

I love reading the hand-written record of my thoughts. I enjoy re-experiencing that personal feeling and joy I had while writing. And, that is one of the smaller reasons I am addicted to writing in general and in my ULTIMATE PLAN journal.
Try my ULTIMATE PLAN Business Bullet Journal. Using it just might simplify your business and help you far exceed your goals. Really!!
I will show you how to transform a key blog post focus from being stored as a reminder in your bullet journal into a seamless connection to enhance every aspect of your business, your social media promotions and the PR you send out to the traditional media.
I’ll make sure you know how use your journal to never run out of blog topics and ideas that provide value to your audience.  If nothing else, that’s a huge takeaway that makes all this worthwhile!
Using my blog writing tips and tools to create your blog or article make your writing a breeze and fast. This is the only way to make sure you don’t spend hours correcting and re-writing your blog or article to include the specifics needed to guarantee it is valuable reading material and found by Google and the search engines.
Ideally, when you first begin writing you will complete and schedule at least 5 blog posts. Each week when you work your “blog creation” time block you get further ahead and this eliminates the panic of having to write a blog under pressure to stay on schedule.

“My Life, My Mission & Me”
for a Retirement Blog & Business

It’s the Magic Foundation of Any Business

Want to learn more?

Hop on the list to get time and link to my free online workshop. Your other freebies will be at the workshop waiting for you.

Learn how to create the ULTIMATE PLAN FOR BLOG & BUSINESS Journal, “My Life, My Mission, and Me”
to simplify your life, your blog and your business.


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