Turn What You Know  
Into an Incoming Producing Product  & Side Hustle

Do you have a plan to survive 
an unexpected personal, economic or natural crisis?

  • Will what you are doing NOW matter a day, a week, a month, or a year from now?
  • You CAN free up ENOUGH time to start or grow a business, have ENOUGH time for things that matter to you and ENOUGH income to enjoy them, even in a time of crisis. ENOUGH is the key.
  • You CAN turn what you know into an income producing product. People are looking online for what you know.
Hi, I'm Maureen.

My expertise is from my own experiences working, teaching and creating communities online for 20+ years, not from hear-say. I’ve experienced it all... the great times, the surprise crises that require a quick turn on a dime strategy to survive and everything in between.

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How you emerge from any crisis
is about TIME and how you PRIORITIZE everything that STEALS TIME from you

During a world-wide crisis or a personal catastrophe, you MUST have a PLAN and SKILLS to implement a STRATEGY for survival. The right plan enables you to have your business ready to boom as you emerge from any crisis. The key is knowing the RIGHT plan. I can help you with that!



What you know and have experienced, can be turned into a unique, sellable product.

That's what I discovered many years ago during the big recession of 2008. That was the turning point for business as I had known it for ten years. 

I realized I can only depend on myself and what I can create and deliver digitally. 

The problem was I DIDN'T make 100% changes right away. I kept taking in work that required hiring others. The time I spent overseeing outsourced work STOLE precious time. Time that should have been focused on SPECIFIC tasks to give me FREEDOM and a new business model to work as a SOLO ENTREPRENEUR.

What NOW?
Want to create a Product & Online Business ?
You can do it NOW! 
Take control of your life & income.

My life hit both a personal and business crisis several years ago.

I became suddenly single and no longer was getting the business I needed from the exhaustive networking that took so much of my time. That networking was time and money expensive, mostly through the local Chamber of Commerce.  I was doing more work, leading and teaching a weekly lunch group of business owners, wearing too many hats in my business and STRESSED to the MAX!

 Something had to change!

I had to take inventory of what I knew, what I wanted, why I wanted it and exactly how I was going to change my business to fit my lifestyle as a successful SOLO Lady CEO who works from home! 

I had to make changes, BIG changes.

I learned WHY and HOW
working as a SOLO  ENTREPRENEUR is working SMART.

 No staff, No chaos, No deadline stress!

Sounds crazy, I know! A lot of the sponsored posts you read online try to entice you to crave a 7-figure income by copycat outsourcing most of your work and even some of the writing. You buy in, work your buns off and end up in total chaos - again! 

It's like creating a hectic JOB for yourself.
 Isn't that why you don't want another 9 to 5 JOB? 

You are always just 1 decision away from creating a totally awesome life!

The right decision NOW could mean peace of mind 
when something in your life goes POOF,
never again to be the same.

It could transform your life. It happened to me. 

How to begin that transformation, to be ready if something dumps a crisis into your life...

1. Discover what you want, your What, Why, When & How  

2. Know how to choose the Right Decision 
3. Learn what it takes to Implement your decision into your life.  

I created a proven and valuable system I call my
"Product Creation Bullet Journal for the Solo Lady CEO." 

It's a Unique Tool to unleash your creativity & transform your life.

It's the CORE of your Quick-Start Solo Entrepreneur Business.

It all starts in Module 1 of my course as you begin a
DEEP DIVE into what YOU truly want and
how to build a SOLID Solo business foundation to get there.

That's just the start of planning an exact, but unique to you, step-by-step process that gets you what you want. And, you get direct support, weekly live video with Q&A throughout the course.  

Where you go from here is all about ENOUGH.
What is ENOUGH for you?


It's when you have ENOUGH Time and ENOUGH Income to
Live the Lifestyle You Want & Do What You Enjoy

"Product Creation BULLET JOURNAL for the Solo Lady CEO" is the start of your exciting journey & will be the unique CORE of your Business for many, many years to come. 

So... what is your next step?


DECIDE to use economic down time to 
be in a far better place when your crisis is over?
START building the life you have only dreamed of?

I felt scared each time I made a major change
affecting my business & income.

But, like Tom Cruise's line in the Jack Reacher movie, 

"I woke up one morning and the uniform didn't fit."

I knew my feelings of fear and frustration
to create change in my life were worth it.

So was reaching the joy and satisfaction of success.

Life isn't a movie but...
 I played out my goals and plans in my mind long before I reached them.

Are you willing to re-purpose your time to get to a better situation?
Are you willing to skip binge watching tv or just wasting time?
Will you commit to working a step-by-step plan to create your Solo Entrepreneur Business? 

Are you ready for the first step?

Here's the scoop!

What it takes to build a rock-solid foundation for your business:

  • The CORE of creating and sustaining a successful Solo Entrepreneur Work-From-Home Business is your unique "Product Creation BULLET JOURNAL for the Solo Lady CEO," your MOST VALUABLE business asset.
  • The One-Step-at-a-Time Breakdown of the elements to build your rock-solid business foundation are based on WHAT you need, WHEN you need it and NO fluff or wasted time.
  • The TOOLS for your business are few but absolutely necessary, and they work. 
  • It's all in the 8 week course, "Solo Lady CEO QUICK START" by Maureen Beaucond. 
Solo Lady CEO QUICK START with Maureen

Quick-Start for
Solo Entrepreneurs to Start a Business

This Is Where the Action Happens


ps... it's for anybody who is ready to do the work


You can find GENERIC how-to on the internet - you don't have to BUY it!

GENERIC is cheap or cheap memberships. Some GENERIC is bundled or a summit.
NO ONE sells a $5,000 value for $75.

What I teach is UNIQUE.  
No one teaches what I teach.
It's Simple Steps & It Works!

1. You get REAL 1-on-1 support.  
2. I am your individual coach & accountability buddy.
3. You learn from my 20+ years expertise & experience working & teaching online. 
4. You learn what works & what doesn't.
5. Money Back Guarantee because the plan works if you do. 
  1. 1
    The 8 Week Course is divided into Modules. Within each module are multiple lessons, videos, Q&A, worksheets in module one. Summaries in all modules.
  2. 2
    Live Q&A videos are held weekly. You can submit questions or pop them in the chat when we are live. Replays are available if you can't make the live session.
  3. 3
    Online Course Community is available 24/7. You can interact with ME and other course students in the Community. I am the moderator of the community. The community is NOT run by a clone or admin person. I get a notice when comments or questions are posted and I get back with you as quickly as I can. I am active in the community several times each day. 
  4. 4
    PS...  I know you are wondering, why  8 WEEKS? That's a long time and a big commitment. Well, here's the answer plain and simple. It takes focus and dedicated work for the first 2 Months to get the ROCK-SOLID FOUNDATION of your Solo Entrepreneur Business designed, set up, and working. That's it! Either you commit to 8 Weeks or you WASTE another year! 

Welcome to the Solo Lady CEO Family!

Solo Lady CEO Quick Start for Solo Entrepreneurs is the ONLY COURSE that gives you a UNIQUE & PROVEN rock-solid business foundation that can PIVOT INSTANTLY if a personal or economic CRISIS pops up. 

The Solo Lady CEO System of working SOLO means NO chaos, NO big expenses, NO overwhelm. It's TOTALLY UNLIKE what the online seminars, ads and gurus are trying to sell you. 

Are you going to WASTE another year?
BUY Solo Lady CEO Quick Start NOW ?



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Maureen Beaucond

Author/Creator of 

Solo Lady CEO Quick-Start for Solo Entrepreneurs to Start a Business


About Maureen...

I began my online experience and teaching online entrepreneurs over 20 years ago. The internet and my teaching have evolved in tandem over the years. My expertise is helping women like you (and a few men) start an online business for the freedom of being your own boss and earning a consistent, dependable income. 

The 1st Module of this course is CRITICAL to your business choices and survival. I teach what NO ONE else teaches or even has expertise with.

This is what GUARANTEES your rock-solid business foundation and success. 


Here's What You Get 

  • Take inventory of what you know, what you want and why you want it 
  • Determine what ENOUGH means to you and establish your boundaries
  • Master the 3 things you MUST get right or you will always struggle 
  • Class size is limited to ensure you get individual attention as needed
  • Money-Back Guarantee - Details in Privacy & Policies
  •  Ongoing Access of 8 -Week Course Modules & Classes  
  • 8-Week Course contains Specific Lessons within each Module  
  • You will receive a Video for each lesson within the Course Modules & a Weekly Live Q&A Session with Maureen
  • Online Support Community - Maureen is YOUR PERSONAL Accountability Buddy
  • Individual 1-on-1 Support from Maureen 
  • You will receive a  Summary sheet for each Module to help you stay on schedule & move forward

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Full details of the 100% Money-Back Guarantee are in the Policies and Privacy section of www.CoffeeHourBusiness.com.  I know you will be satisfied or I wouldn't offer this guarantee!


ps... Class size is LIMITED to ensure Maureen's 1-on-1 INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION for each student. 

Class fills up quickly!
Pricing may change when future courses are scheduled.  


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Welcome to the Solo Lady CEO Family!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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