Why Huge Multi-Speaker Online Summits
Are Creating Chaos for Start Up Entrepreneurs

     Online Course Education
is more than listening to a speaker &
participating in group calls.

I know, I’ve been there.

Are you thinking about starting a business around your work experience, your photography or cooking hobby, special family needs or exotic travel?

Keep reading to make sure you know
the questions to ask before you invest in an online course.

Choosing an online course boils down to what they charge, how they deliver the information, what level of support is furnished, and whether the teaching can result in a level of transformation in the new entrepreneur’s life.

There is one specific concept you must get right and
most courses never mention it.

Without having the right mindset, nothing else will work. Nothing!

       It’s something I have personally implemented into
my life and taught maureen-beaucond-sigentrepreneurs
for over 20 years.

The three things you must get right are:
Mindset – Time – Money

Everyone has success blocks that they are not aware of.

Without the right mindset shift, time versus priorities shift and the way you think about money (not whether you have it or not, but whether you believe you are deserving of selling what you know for the right price.)
I know this concept works. It has worked for me since I began working on my own mindset shifts about 30 years ago. My only regret is I didn’t learn many years earlier to make changes to my thinking and beliefs to know what I was capable of achieving.
The right Mindset, Time and Money thinking is the cornerstone of your belief and success system, whether you realize it or not. Without the shift and commitments that come with the right alignment of these, nothing will work!

There will be no transformation.
You will not experience transformation of
joy and abundant lifestyle in your life.

So, back to the topic of starting your business and who to invest with for training and shortening your learning curve to save time, frustration and money.
A current hot trend for online course creators wanting to become internet business influencers is to join together for a highly publicized group presentation to an audience interested in starting or growing an online business.
The speakers create a big online or physical event where each presenter teaches the topic they want to be known for. The topics may fall under one huge topic umbrella but that’s where the process begins to fall apart.
Each speaker has a different focus but there is no sequential plan to take the attendees through a single process. If there are 15 presenters, there are 15 processes. The attendees must sort it all out and pick or choose what they THINK is important for their business and they don’t get individual one-on-one help in making it work.
This isn’t a new concept. I have seen it in the pre-digital world of attracting people to start a business. Maybe you have seen ads for seminars at local hotels where the topic ranges from getting rich with real estate to selling a specific product or line of products for an established retailer or vender.  There are real estate investment seminar ads running on my local television channels right now.

Observe the trends.

It’s like the teaching gurus all subscribe to the topic or trend of the month plan.
They just follow a leader’s sizzle. It’s like my ongoing observation of magazines seeming to follow the same editorial topic calendar, not just seasonal topics.

Summits are designed to help the speakers profess
their level of knowledge and become known as the expert.

Each speaker most likely is presenting good and valuable information about a specific aspect of online business. Their content is usually geared to experienced online marketers who have been running their business a few years.
BUT, when you look at the various viewpoints and collection of topics within the summit it is overwhelming.  And, these summits are disastrous for the new online entrepreneur.
Summits are only good for highly experienced online entrepreneurs and marketers. It is more of a networking and sharing event. It’s not for beginner or intermediate level online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Too much information is always a distraction.

Some summit topics assume you have at very least an intermediate level of online business experience to decide what to do with the information you are receiving.  Some of the topics are technically detailed and relate to a stage of business way beyond where you are.

This is just confusion you don’t need.

The proven basics are all you need to know until your business is generating dependable traffic and income.
You really don’t need to pay for training beyond your stage of learning. The internet evolves at warp speed and the lessons you are exposed to today is changed by the time you actually need them.
Don’t waste your time right now.
Remember, evolving online changes fall under the category of FREE information.  It’s just FREE content unless someone is doing the work for you or showing you specific steps to simplify and execute the changes.
Many people, me included, feel that content is and should be available without charge. If you take the time and use Google to search for the basics you want to learn, you will find many variations and they are FREE.
What you don’t find FREE or even from many of the high-priced courses is the specifics YOU need to turn this content into an EDUCATION.
When you purchase a course from me or another high-level of support educator (not just course creator) this is part of what you get:
  1. a one-on-one level of support from start to finish
  2. individual phone calls or face time (just you and me or you and the educator you choose)
  3. individual email throughout your course
  4. private Facebook group community interaction with your educator and others in the limited size class
  5. one-on-one accountability based on your goals and progress, not just comments following a course unit or within an online group
I have invested in training with elite coaches but found the support to be mostly from others in the class or from the course creator’s staff.  Community interaction with classmates is good but not many are at the same stage of business as you.
They are not experienced to help you if you get stuck. They don’t know how to get you unstuck and moving forward with your business. That’s why you need one-on-one support from an experienced and knowledgeable educator, whether that person is the main course creator or an assigned support counselor who works with you directly.
My support experience with the coaches I have paid to work with has been monthly group get togethers by Zoom or a similar meeting service. Much of the discussion I experienced was fluff and not accountability specific. Usually I was asked what I needed help with.  That’s not accountability.
Don’t get me wrong, these people are good people and they are experienced. But, the level of support they sell sounds more personalized than what they deliver.  Without a heads up, a person wouldn’t know to ask support specific questions before committing.
Now I’ll tell you why I design my courses as a simple and specific step-by-step process.
  1. Most important to my students, I work with them one-on-one all the way.
    If a student hits a road block, I am there to work them through it.
  2. I keep up on trends, changes, best practices, pitfalls that pop up, what really works and I pitch out the repetitive hype. In the first months of your blog and online business you don’t need to spend time on any task or process that is beyond the stage of your business or a waste of time.
If a trend or change occurs that could impact my students’ businesses, I make sure they understand it, know the ‘how-to’ process and give my advice if it’s an opportunity or a challenge.
  1. As you progress through the stages of your business, you will know when you reach the expert level of experience and only then will it be appropriate for you to consider attending a summit or convention with expert level speakers on expert level topics.
Each presenter at a summit or convention most likely is presenting good and valuable information about a specific aspect of online business. BUT when you look at the various viewpoints and collection of topics it is overwhelming.
So many speakers and so many topics! It can overwhelm to the MAX! Just like taking a course that is written way over your head.
  1. Why pay for all that information right now? Only a small or single portion may apply to you today.
Why pay for the stuff you aren’t ready for? The internet is ever-evolving and has been for the last 20 years. I know from my 20+ years online business experience, many things will change by the time you reach the next stage of your business. Look at all the changes we see in social media every month!
  1. Multiple speakers and topics can confuse or stop your entrepreneurial progress. You may relate to the style of one speaker and so totally not to another. So, how does that leave you?
It leaves me frustrated and overwhelmed in need of a simple strategy that works! Simple, specific, strategic steps that build upon the previous step.

I know.

I have taught, coached and developed online business for over 20 years.  I have taken large publicly held corporations and small owner run businesses to their online  presence.
So, now you know why I am adamant that starting and growing your business must be simple and enjoyable, even fun as It fits around the important things in your life.
I invite you pop into my Coffee Hour Business Community on Facebook.
It’s for anyone in any age group who wants to become an online entrepreneur, quit the 9 to 5 job, semi-retire or just explore options for work at home part-time or full-time income.
Many people I meet are looking for a way to create a stream of income they can control.  I will show you how to do this regardless of the important things you need to work around.
Stay in touch, follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook where I pop in regularly.
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See you soon!

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