Working Solo, you can turn your business on a dime to
avoid struggling from the impact of SEO change.

Solo Lady CEO QUICK START will show you
what to watch for to stay on top of changes &
how to make change your BIG advantage.


And, if you get a bit lazy, like I did this last quarter of the year, here is what happens. If you work solo, it is a fast fix.

But, it’s an eye opener and needs to be adjusted to get back on track before any more impact is felt.

Life has ups and downs that hit
when least expected.
Or when we aren’t paying attention
to tell-tale warnings.

One of those waves gave me a BIG wallop when I was creating my business re-invention a few years ago.
I had to make some hard decisions. I had to decide exactly what I wanted  from my business and the changes to make it happen.
I had to get rid of what didn’t fit in my life. I had to find the time and energy to accomplish the important things for my business and for my life.

As I entered 4th Quarter of 2019
I found myself in a similar funk.

My focus and productivity were off. I was busy, overwhelmed with stuff that had nothing to do with my business except to steal my time and energy. I needed to be repositioning my business to get my income and traffic back on track. It wasn’t a do or die situation, so it just slipped by me.

2019 was a less than great year for income and growth.
Actually, it STUNK!

My downturn had to be fixed FAST to get ready for the changes that ARE are coming in 2020.

In talking with other solo entrepreneurs who have had online businesses for 8 or more years, I learned that most of them had experienced a tanking of income or a big stall in growth in 2019, too. It’s hard to say what the exact cause was but this happens in all business, not just online businesses. For online businesses it was likely the result of internal tech changes by social media.
My lack of focus kept me from seeing the problem early enough to make the lightening quick changes I should have made. It’s amazing  how getting caught up in personal life and busy stuff can mask what is really happening in your business.

So, I had to do what I teach!

First, get my mindset right.
Next, immediately implement my 1st Quarter plan for 2020 that I had set for January kick-off. This would be a head start on 2020 to keep from getting overwhelmed and get back under control.

HOW-TO for all this is in my
Solo Lady CEO Business QUICK START Course

So, I gave myself a swift kick in the pants, simplified my list of tasks for the month to make sure I get critical tasks finished before their deadlines. (OK, I had gotten lazy and not been setting deadlines for the last few months. HUGE MISTAKE!)
I will be back on track before the end of the 1st Quarter 2020 ends.

Here is the real kicker of a spiraling down trend in income.

Working as a solo entrepreneur is a life saver.

What if I had a staff and unnecessary service providers and expensive online tools I didn’t really need? I would have to pay these regardless of my income. Not a good scenario!

Working SOLO as a minimalistic
online business model is security.

If I had been paying attention or meeting deadlines, I would have made the decision to turn my business on a dime to increase my income sources.

So, now I have made BIG changes to my time and priorities. Yes, I was slacking on these too!

That was a serious commitment for me! As Gary Vaynerchuk says in his books and videos, “you have 11 pm to 5 am if you can’t get the work done during the day. Just do it!” My time crunch wasn’t that severe, but I had to prioritize how I spent my time.
This also meant that I had to get hubby on board with my revised work schedule. I put on the blinders and ran with it. Fortunately, he did too!

My 2020 business plan is based on

That’s exactly how I teach you to
start a business in

Working solo for me does not include client work, sponsors with deadlines and requirements, or agencies placing ugly ads all over my website.
You can add these to your mature business, but I don’t advise it. You end up with a client-based business and if it grows you must outsource or hire help.
You would no longer be a solo entrepreneur. This means you have created a JOB for yourself with others dictating your priorities.  And, you are back to hiring help. Yuk!
If you decide to take on freelance for smaller, repetitious income just be aware it prevents growth that you control.
Freelance and sponsors may be additional income, but you can only grow your business to the extent of time you have available to crank out their work. It will suck up your time and leave you NO TIME to grow your own business.
If you are determined to do freelance work,  be aware you are creating an AGENCY not a SOLO entrepreneur business.
Back to working solo and the Solo Lady CEO QUICK START course… My style of teaching is totally different than the courses you usually see as sponsored posts and ads online. Totally different!
Those courses are usually created by teams. They are designed to be do-it-yourself with a moderator or team employee as the student’s contact for questions or clarification. Some courses rely on students to take care of each other. These courses like to brag about huge income, both theirs and what they are luring students to. Don’t fall for it!
You can read more about the hype of these courses in blogs I wrote.
My commitment to teaching is to continually update my knowledge, so you know you are being taught the most up to date systems and information. You don’t sift through the trends to decide what works. You don’t waste time. And, it all is focused on the solo entrepreneur.
The BIG thing to remember is that the content ANYONE teaches can be found on the internet and absorbed as a do-it-yourself project.
You work with me as a mentor & teacher to save time and to learn from my mistakes, my expertise and my experience ~ NOT from your mistakes.

What I teach you works!
And, you get me, not a clone or virtual assistant
when you are taught or need help.
I’m there to help you 1-on-1.

You get me, my knowledge and my 20+ years of experience to shorten your learning curve and help you avoid any pitfalls along the way. It’s those pitfalls and the stress of trying to sort them out yourself that drives some people to abandon their dreams and give up on trying to reach them.

Getting things right in your head is critical
for success in any change you are making.

Shift your thinking & you can change your life.

Anything you really want is possible if you are willing to make it a priority and do the work.  Is that something you want to do?
I’ll help you get the areas of your life in balance and find the time to enable you to have the right mindset to start and grow your business and reach YOUR OWN UNIQUE DREAM.

Whatever transformation you want in your life &
starting a business, you can achieve it!

Anything you really want is possible if you are willing to make it a priority and do the work.  Is that something you want to do?


Solo Lady CEO QUICK START with Maureen crpd


So, I ask you again…

Is that something you want to do?
If so, here is the link.
Let’s get started creating the
business and life of your dream.

When your registration for Solo Lady CEO QUICK START is confirmed, you will receive your welcome, class schedule and links to our QUICK START online community.
I am excited to have you on board! If you still have questions, you can email me at 
I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!
Take care and I’ll talk with you soon!

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