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Do you know that the average attention span when a person hops onto on a Facebook LIVE video is just 15 seconds?
Want to expand your options and shift your Mindset for a life you’ll love?
You are invited to pop into the Coffee Hour Facebook GROUP for my series of One Minute Coffee Break super meaty and LIVE videos!
This series will be very casual quick videos – don’t expect me to be all gussied up each day. If you really know me, you know that isn’t my style. You’ll get a raw behind the scenes look at my business, hubby, dogs and all.
Most of all, I want you to know that working from home, having your own business is flexible as long as you get the work done. Getting your Mindset right is the first and most important step in starting a business.
The specific steps it takes to work on your goals, tasks, blog, marketing and all the other pieces of your business will never work unless we get your thinking right with a Mindset, Time and Money shift.
One Minute a Day can begin the transformation journey that will take you from where you are to becoming the boss of your own business on your terms.
This is why it is so critical to get your thinking right on Mindset, Time and Money. How you think about these determines
1. whether you will do the work to grow an income generating business
2. how you create boundaries to balance priorities and time
3. how you think about money – not whether you are rich or not but how you value what your time, what you know and the value you are providing to others
These no more than 1 minute Facebook Live videos will be focused on business. If you have a business that is going nowhere fast or want to start an exciting online business to work at home, these short videos are for you!
The internet is a noisy place with major online business gurus selling high priced courses to complicate a beginner’s business life.  These courses contain a lot of good information, but you get the same overall effect as the deer getting caught in the headlights of an oncoming car on a dark highway.
You freeze with overwhelm and confusion. You don’t need to focus on business tasks that are way beyond the stage of your business, whether beginner, intermediate or even semi-experienced.
With an over the top ‘start an online business’ course, you grow your task list to a huge number of pages, you get stressed because you work constantly and can’t see results. So, finally in frustration you hit rock bottom and give up on your dream.   You may jump from guru to guru thinking a different method will work but it’s the same story. All this does is cost you money and time.
There is a better way and I will tell you about it next week. I will explain how these courses packed with too much scattered information and those huge business summits you see in your Facebook feed are distractions and dangerous for your business. I know! I’ll share my re-invention story with you.
I doubt your new online business will begin with a team of experts who do all the work! I doubt you have 8+ hours each day and weekends to work. I doubt you will spend a lot of money hiring business services and virtual assistants to do YOUR work!

Take it from me, I have 20+ years experience in the online business world. I have seen it all and I know what works.

Specific, simple steps and 1-on-1 help move you through the business start-up and growth stages without overwhelm or chaos. You need truly personal attention and communication with your instructor. You will not find a higher level of support than mine unless an educator moves in and sleeps on your coach.
I work with you on areas of your Mindset and transformation that none of these courses provide. It’s the part of owning a business that if it isn’t right nothing will ever work.

I want you to know about an exciting
one-time opportunity in my
new pilot course.

it is the very HIGHEST level of support. It includes real 1-on-1 support with phone calls, email, private mastermind group, and whatever it takes to ensure you reach your goals.
I’m not moving in with you but I will work with you when you need extra help to move you past any roadblocks that turn up as you start your business.
Hop on my email list to get reminded when the Live Pilot Course opens.
Being a live course, it is highly interactive. This also means your feedback is important to me. I want to know your special needs to make sure you reach your goals.
We’ll go over what it takes to start and grow an online business. We’ll work on your what, why, when that are your reasons for wanting to have a successful online business for part or full time income and how you are going to get there.
We’ll make sure your mindset, priorities, time and money are right before we outline the foundation of your new business. And, we’ll make everything work around what is important in your life.
Regardless of whether you want to focus your business around what you know or have experienced or want to explore a totally new interest, we’ll work it out.
Be sure to bring a good pen and a tablet of paper to take notes. I’ll have several worksheets for you on Day-1.  After our 5-Days together you will have the basic plan to move forward with your business.  You’ll know what it will cost you in time and how to work it into your already busy schedule to get results.
So, if all this resonates with you and you know that now is the time to quit putting it your dream and make your business a priority, hop on the list or send me a Facebook direct message with your email address.
I need your email address so I can send you an outline of what we’ll cover in the 5-Days we are together.  Remember, the workshop is free! It’s specific and simple steps! And, it works!
So, Let’s Talk.
It’s free. So is the phone call or Facebook private group conversatiom with just you and me evaluating what kind of online business would make you happy and earn dependable income on your terms.
Message me or leave a comment if you want to talk before we meet on Day-1. The videos will be LIVE but you can also watch the replay, leave questions in the comments and I will get back with you. You can also message me on Facebook.

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