How Toxic People & Negative Talk Ruin Your Business

You decide to make exciting changes to your life…
Watch your “friends” scatter!
They just don’t get it.

If anyone is saying negative things that hold you back from your dreams, ignore them and just get on with it, you don’t need them!

I can’t really remember a time when
I felt like I really fit in.

I had a very grown up childhood. Maybe that’s why I have always been an entrepreneur and love teaching others how to start their own business.


Not everyone is meant to be a business owner.

It’s important to realize that others who are not in interested in having a business have no right to put you down for working to achieve your dream of starting your work at home business to give you control of your future and income independence.
I was doing adult work and learning business at a very young age.  This was good and maybe not so good. I grew up in the family restaurant business.  I grew up knowing what to do, knowing what each of the adults knew to do.  By mid-teens I was doing things an experienced adult restaurant manager maybe knew how to do.

So, by the time I emerged from my teens I knew stuff that people graduating from college were about to learn hands-on.

I collected a lot of valuable experience that changed my mindset about who was interesting to be around and what I found to be mentally stimulating and challenging.
I was used to being in charge, not being the entry level employee. I found it frustrating when I did try being an employee that when I was promoted to replace a male worker in the banking industry I was not paid the same although I put out the same or more work.
Over the years I found myself, like many wives and mothers in the neighborhood, involved in volunteer work and activities that revolved around my children’s activities and schools.  I was immersed in my gardening (2500 square feet,) my seed propagation green house, a side-business here and there, and always writing in my journal as an outlet for creativity, stress relief and a way to express my views on life in general.

In 1998 when the internet was a baby, I got a bee in my bonnet that I could do whatever it took to
start abusiness creating websites for
small local businesses.

I self-educated myself with the help of the free courses available from ZDU, Ziff Davis’s online web related courses and the few online learning  communities. That was when the internet was a dinosaur, around 1998!

The first client I took on was a big challenge.

It was a major US corporation and the entire source of my income for at least a year or two.  This forced me to learn as much as I could about that new thing called the World Wide Web, aka www.
Little did I know then where all this would take me.  I did know the future for literally everything in business and life would be on the internet and in online communities.  In 2000 I started a local web community that became my main project for the next 15 + years.  I cracked what was then the secret to getting my clients ranked high in search engines using my web community.
Through all these years I found myself hanging out with others who were absorbed with online ventures, others who were like 20 or more years my junior! Our interests and business focus were our common denominators. These contacts were valuable learning and networking connections.  They were always eager to learn and design new virtual adventures.

The down-side of this was that
women in my age group felt they
had nothing in common with me.

Their focus was totally on when and if their children would furnish them grandbabies and the mundane topics of their travels, shopping and anything else they were focused on.
These ladies were nice but just not at all interested in someone who was not the exact same image of themselves or their life.
Most of the people in my age group were aware of the internet, not at all savvy about it or about business or how to start a business. They were totally unlike the younger generations where I could have meaningful conversations, learn from them and even teach them a thing or two.

Why am I telling you all this?

I want to share a very important concept
I learned from my lifetime of business networking.

I learned very young that everyone you meet has something that is a common denominator with you.

But, it’s up to you to talk with people and find out what makes them tick, what they have experienced in life, what they teach others or learn from others, how they got into their career or life-long work.

You do this until you find that common denominator.
It likely is something very specific.

The person you are getting to know may not have a clear image of themselves. Most people don’t! Ask questions and you will prove this. Questions like who are you?  What is the most important thing I should know about you?
You’ll find answers like “I am the spouse of Mr. or Mrs.  X,” I am a grandparent, I am a retired person, I am a student, I am just your neighbor, I work at the bakery, I am a stay-at-home parent, I work for a big corporation…
You get it. They see themselves as a very general image of fluff, nothing specific about their accomplishments or what they believe or do that matters to anyone.
Worst of all, they have no idea what they are capable of achieving unless something stirs up a fire in their belly and they begin to think outside the box.
Believe me, they have a lot to share and teach others. They just don’t know what they know! And, no one has shown them the endless ways they can share this and even get paid to share!

Back to those common denominators.

I have two grown children I could not be prouder of. They have accomplished so much in their lives. I have a most exceptional granddaughter who sees the world through unbiased, loving, Christ-like eyes and love. In this way I am not unlike others in my age group.

The part of me that I feel is unlike others is that
I am in a constant learning mode.

I write about so many things that are important to me. I write for my business and blogs.  I write my opinions, my rants, my feelings, my ideas to help others, and about 564 other reasons – really!
Because of the internet, my blogs and my business I have met so many wonderful people who share several common denominators with me, my virtual circle of friends.
These friends are all over the US and the world. Our conversations are virtual. I would love to pop into a local coffee shop to enjoy a cuppa and a chat face to face. The next best thing is sharing a virtual chat and cuppa!
And this is what led me to name my re-invented virtual business
Coffee Hour Business.

Each of us is different. Each of us deserves the opportunity to experience our dreams, joys, feelings, triumphs and sometimes challenges.


I’ll teach you how to teach what you know or love and create an income producing business from anywhere.

Get my list of 114 great business ideas.
These ideas work for both blog and business.
Get started NOW!

I invite you to explore your desires, dreams and maybe expectations. It is never too late to get started on creating your dream around what is important to you in your day to day life.
If starting a business is on your bucket list, I am your go-to person to turn it into a reality.
If time is a challenge, I will help you find the time and work through any other challenges that you encounter.

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Remember, if you are considering a portable, online business whether for side income or full-time income, I am your go-to person.

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