How to make the decisions and shifts that will enable you to survive any crisis

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How to make the decisions and shifts that will enable you to come out of any crisis not only in a better position, but to have the skills it takes to survive any crisis.
Crises come in many guises – the Covid-19 we are all too familiar with, personal or family crisis, weather related crisis as many of our neighbors in north Texas experienced last night, economic crisis affecting just us or affecting our country and the world that has trickled down to each of us.
I made the decision to work from home as a solo entrepreneur many, many years ago. When the internet was just getting attention, I was meeting folks online in genealogy forums, working together as we made connections in our ancestors and sometimes meeting up in person at the Fort Worth National Archives to do research.
Somehow, I got the idea that I could do something as an online business. I went to a seminar that was traveling through Fort Worth (like a traveling carnival show now that I look back.) Their presentation was to get attendees to buy into their business of furnishing an online presence to attendees. They sold the idea that businesses would flock to you to buy ads to go with your writing.
That was the only guidance they provided which was really NOTHING!
Well, being a bit over confident in my belief that I could do most anything if I set my mind to it, I went home and studied my notes of what that company said they would provide each instant online entrepreneur.
I made a checklist, began researching and making phone calls all over the country.
The best choice I made was the hosting company that I am still using after 22 years.
My original venture was website design, hosting, search engine expertise (that got great results,) taking clients photos, writing their content, teaching them how to take their businesses online both for exposure and for sales.
This led to the local online community I created to promote my clients and to accept advertising. I write articles of interest and linked them to clients or other resources. These articles were sometimes referred to as blogs as time went on.
I began to realize that having a staff, outsourcing what wasn’t done in-house (my first shopping cart experience was with a software developer in New Zealand and having a couple additional web designer in different time zones was constant back and forth communication, revisions and more revisions till the product was acceptable.
That was my first lesson that whatever voice you use to sell or write, that is the voice people want and will pay for.
Never outsource writing – it’s not worth losing your fans!
I began thinking I could learn the web design software – what a JOKE! I wanted instant results, not another HUGE learning curve.  Most web developers had college degrees in graphic arts or specifically web design.
So, being bull headed, I played with Dreamweaver, a software later bought by Adobe. I took the simple home page for my web community, used it as a template and mastered working it just like Microsoft Word.
Why am I telling you all this crazy stuff? I have a BIG reason!
I suddenly had that BIG AHA moment!
The learning curve to become a solo entrepreneur is FAR LESS TIME than the time to COORDINATE A HERD OF PEOPLE on projects, tell them what I want, follow up all the way, make revisions where they did something off base, move stuff to look the way I drew it out – and the time to draw it out, write out the content and actually make a map of the positions, and all the supporting content.
Times were changing and the way businesses used the internet had changed. I knew that businesses needed more control, and hands on ability to change on a dime if the economic winds shifted.
I was determined to simplify my business and help other solo entrepreneurs do the same. Those business owners needed to know how to work solo and smart while maximizing their income.
I went through several stages of reinvention over the last few years. I finally reached the business model I am most proud of, the Solo Lady CEO with courses and products that work while you, the business owner, retain complete control and ownership of what you create. 
I teach you all of this in a simple step-by-step process. The best part is you get ME, not a clone or admin assistant working directly with you. 

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