How a Solo Entrepreneur Survives a Business Crisis

NOT Just Another GENERIC
Self-Awareness Journal

It’s the Life-Changing Core for
Your Blog, Business, Lifestyle

It’s Your Brain Inventory Enabling You To
Survive a Business or Economic Crisis

During this world-wide health crisis, you must have a plan and the tools to implement a strategy for survival and to help others.

Knowing your expertise and how to turn on a dime are critical resources in your
ULTIMATE One-of-a-Kind Bullet

Self-Awareness Journal
50 Specific Prompts
Unleash Your Creativity &Transform Your Life

Maureen Beaucond created this valuable system
for her own Blog and Business,
tested it when she was hit by her own crisis twice.
She is now sharing with you because

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Here’s How It All Began…

Ultimate Self-Discovery
Bullet Journal
& How It Works 

During this national and worldwide health crisis, for any business that can, conduct business as normal as possible. That can be taking more of your existing business online or offering courses and education online for those who are shut in at home. Those folks may want to make their time productive or begin a side income hustle in case they ever need it in the future.. Or maybe it’s their opportunity to expand their income as a Solo Entrepreneur.
Back to the current situation. Many, many people will suffer economically – too many! The government is taking measures to help but help still leaves a gap. No one really knows how everyone will emerge from this crisis. There will be setbacks for brick and mortar businesses, for those who have invested in conferences as vendors of hard goods or as creators.
Spring is the BIGGEST season for festivals, art shows, outdoor celebrations, concerts, and the list goes on! Some people, creators, artists, sponsors, etc. rely on the Spring events to carry them through till the holiday season or even next Spring.
So, back to the time at hand, the time being spent at home, with or without family 24-7.
This is a great time to catch up on some of the things you enjoy that get pushed to the back of your to-do list. I’ve been thinking about baking bread, baking in general! Doing some deep cleaning around the house, even spending a day or two doing yard work if the rain ever takes a break! I can make a list of dozens of things that I could be doing that have been ignored lately.
Maybe, just maybe, this time at home could be the start of creating a side business for any number of reasons. It could pay the bills come next holiday season, it can be put toward kids’ expenses of clothes, tuition, summer camp, and whatever they need.
Maybe creating a business is just something you have dreamed about for a long time. Maybe you think it would take thousands of dollars to get started. Well, that just isn’t so!
Working solo is working smart AND you don’t need to rent an office or pay employees to start a business. You don’t need a boat load of cash.
You DO NEED a plan, a solid business foundation, and someone who has been there and keeps up with changes, trends and the tools to start a successful and stress-free business. That someone is me… If you are in any of my classes or you pop into my online community, you’ve got me IN PERSON to help you become a Solo Entrepreneur. REALLY!
It all begins with spending a few hours with me over 5 days, learning what it takes to begin the VERY BEST RESOURCE for the rest of your life! Yup, we will get your Self Discover Bullet Journal ready to use.
And, we’ll evaluate your expertisem experiences and skills. I’ll work with you to get your rock-solid foundation started!
That resource is the Self Discovery Bullet Journal I created for my own use many years ago. It’s the sock-solid CORE of any business! You can read all about it here.
I have made a complete tutorial for you in a 5-Day Course with videos and workbook to make sure nothing gets left out. I want to make sure your Ultimate Self-Discovery Bullet Journal becomes just as useful to you as mine has been to me over the years.

To me, it is the content that I
treasure & use almost daily.

I want to share with you the exact system my Ultimate Bullet Journal has become over the years.
I want to share with you the exact system my Ultimate Bullet Journal has become and how it will be a most valuable asset as you and your business grow. How-to includes videos I made for you and access to my online community where we discuss this and a whole lot more.
If you are an active user of Pinterest, I am sure you have seen 7,329 versions of bullet journals. Bullet journaling has become a science and art form to many people who meticulously create illustrated and extremely organized bullet journals.
These traditional journals serve a very specific purpose. Usually they document or preserve keepsakes for what has already occured. They are NOT a solid step-by-step plan to move you forward to reach your dreams and goals.
The simple journaling system I use and teach is for the Solo Lady CEO and Solo Entrepreneur. It’s foolproof! Here is a link to read more about it.
It’s easy to enter stuff and even easier to find the important content and “how-to” it saves for you.
Plus, you have me to show you what your “Brain Inventory” Journal must contain.
And, I teach you how it evolves over time, how you implement use of it almost daily and how it ensures you never run out of content to share with your audience.
This is a basic overview of what to expect as your journal matures…
check-markSimplify Your Business With Laser Focus
check-markCompress Time Frames to Exceed Your Goals
check-markInventory What You Know & What You Have Experienced
check-markTurn Your Expertise & Experiences Into An Income Producing Product & Work From Home Business
Some of what I put in my bullet journals…
check-markMy journal is where I store information and ideas to later collect, compile and communicate as content for my blogs, videos, websites, writing.
check-markI record my brainstorms (usually evergreen, meaning they are rather timeless) to process at a later time or when it fits a season or sequence of content I am sharing with my readers.
check-markIf what I am recording is not evergreen it needs to be noted to my editorial calendar in WordPress to ensure it is used for a specific date or season. The calendar can reference a notation in my bullet journal by date for specific information.
check-markI record my book reviews and notes in my journal. I am known to always have a big stack of library books by my reading chair. I like to record the library call information for the book along with my specific comments or reference to passages and these are noted by the book’s page number with the thought or content I am recording. I also note the date of any photos I take with my phone of content for reference, like a bibliography.
check-markTech knowledge and how-to is an important section of my journal. I have a boat load of usernames and passwords that I keep alphabetized and recorded in a separate 3-ring binder. But, there are some tech related tips and procedures that I don’t often use and more often forget.
check-markTo keep from wasting time looking up the solution to a tech challenge, I record the solution or process in my journal with reference to the journal page and date recorded in the index.
check-markDate is important for tech tasks because tech stuff is always changing and I know to use the latest recorded how-to.

This is just what you see on the surface.
Details of my Journal system are what make it work!

There is so much more!

This ULTIMATE One-of-a-Kind Bullet Journal
is made to work with your So
lo Business,
to take you from a goal to a specific step-by-step plan implementation and the results you dream of.

No prior business experience is needed!

In the 5-Day Self-Awareness Business Bullet Journal Course
I will cover everything I put into my journal,
WHY I keep that content at my fingertips &
HOW I use my Journal to

You’ll get regular updates and unique tips to
increase your PRODUCTIVITY as your
Ultimate Self-Discovery Business Bullet Journal
grows to be the
of your business.


Self-Awareness Business Bullet Journal is definitely
Your Ultimate Business Resource

Your journal keeps track of all your Brain Inventory
how to turn your expertise into a sellable product.

Try My Ultimate Self-Awareness Business Bullet Journal

You will
1. simplify your business
2. declutter both mentally & physically

3. reach your goals & never run out of content 

My Ultimate Self-Awareness Business Bullet Journal
Isn’t Just a System,
It’s the MAGIC CORE of Any Business

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How to create and use the
Ultimate Self-Awareness Business Bullet Journal

It’s simple and I’ll walk you through it!

Remember, it’s NOT Just Another
GENERIC Self-Awareness Journal

It’s the Life-Changing Core for
Your Blog, Business, Lifestyle

It’s the ULTIMATE One-of-a-Kind Bullet Journal

Ultimate Self-Awareness Business Bullet Journal
50+ Specific Prompts with Q&A Online

Unleash Your Creativity &Transform Your Life

Simplify Your Life, Your Blog and Your Business




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