Life has its ups and downs that
hit when least expected

  One of those waves gave me a wallop when
I was knee deep in my business re-invention.

That meant I had to work on me to get my mindset right, do some big tweaking to my too relaxed mode of implementing business change.


It meant giving myself a swift kick in the pants to increase my business & income an enormous amount within months. I had to rework my quarterly plan and tasks.

I decided to compress time frames.
I did that because it works!

I had to make some hard decisions.
I had to weigh my effort by what that effort was producing.

I decided that I had to cut the freelance work I was doing for smaller, repetitious, and stable income but with no growth possible.  It was comfortable but could only grow to the extent of time I had to crank out the freelance work.
I bit the bullet, cut off the freelance work and dove into the plan of work I had set to take my business to the next level.
It was critical that each step in my business growth plan be completed to ensure no glitches or obstructions would halt my progress.

I also had to make a shift in my time management.

That was a serious commitment for me! As Gary Vaynerchuk says in his books and videos, “you have 11pm to 5 am if you can’t get the work done during the day. Just do it!”

This also meant that I had to get hubby on board
with my revised work schedule.

I put on the blinders and ran with it.
Fortunately he did too!

I had to do what I teach!

How could I teach one thing about priorities to my students and do something different?
The biggest challenge I faced was organizing, prioritizing and reworking the volumes of information and knowledge I have from 20+ years of online business experience. I taught a weekly business class that adds up to thousands of people (really!, phew!)
Most of my teaching was live groups, face to face or one-on-one showing clients how to take their business online or to create an online business.
I created a local online community when the internet was a baby. I retired it after 15 years. I was buried in information overload with what I wrote (now called blogs) and what I curated to share.
I worked 1-on-1 with clients creating and marketing their websites and getting top level search results for their businesses. This was from 1998 to 2015 when I decided to simplify my business.
I learned that what I share and teach now must be in simple workable steps. My students do the work and get results before moving to the next step.
My style of teaching is to continually update my knowledge so you know you are being taught the most up to date systems and information. You don’t sift through the trends to decide what works. You don’t waste time.

The BIG thing to remember is that the content
ANYONE teaches can be found on the internet and absorbed as a do-it-yourself project.

You work with someone as a mentor & teacher to save time and to learn from their mistakes, not your mistakes.

What I teach you works! And, you get me in our Facebook community, not a clone or virtual assistant who monitors the group. I’m there to help you 1-on-1.

You get me, my knowledge and my experience to shorten your learning curve and help you avoid the pitfalls along the way. It’s those pitfalls and the stress of trying to sort them out yourself that drives some people to abandon their dreams and give up on trying to reach them.

Getting things right in your head is critical
for success in any change you are making.

All change is tied to habits, mindset, productivity,
time management, goal setting, money and priorities.

I want to invite you to get on the list for my upcoming

Shift your thinking & you can change your life.

How you think about Mindset, Time and Money determines your success or failure.

I want to show you the value I give beyond what you get
in other courses from other educators,
many who have just a few years or less experience.

Anything you really want is possible if you are willing to make it a priority and do the work.  Is that something you want to do?

Mindset must be in balance in the areas of life.

I’ll help you get areas of your life in balance to enable you to have the right mindset to start and grow your  business and reach your own unique dream.

Whatever transformation you want in your life, you can achieve it!
Ready to try it?

  1. losing weight
  2. getting fit
  3. getting rid of stress
  4. creating the lifestyle of your dreams
  5. simplifying life by organizing
  6. AND, my favorite, starting a blog or online business to realize your dream
Your will realize what a great value you are to others, be in control of your time, earn income you have only dreamed of and have absolute control of your life.
If you like what you learn in my FREE 5-Day, you’ll love my 30-Day Solo Lady CEO – Best Practices Course with uber level 1-on-1 support and individual goal setting sessions with me.
You WILL achieve your goal if you DO the work. And, I’ll show you how to find 8 hours a week if you are strapped for time.
I’ll tell you more about that after the 5-Day Challenge.

Habits, mindset, productivity, time management,
goal setting, money and priorities
are all rolled into the 5 days we work together.

Anything you really want is possible if you are willing to make it a priority and do the work.  Is that something you want to do?
Use it for your own unique need or dream. Whatever transformation you want in your life.
Maybe you want to bolster a sagging self-image, be in control of your time, earn income you have only dreamed of and have absolute control of your life.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?
Whatever you dream, you can achieve that dream!

If I had made my shift of mindset and worked for what is important to me when I was in my 30s, 40s or even 50s, the impact on my life and the lives of  countless others who followed my lead would have been spectacular!
So, I ask you again…

Are you ready to work with me for 5 days in the
to set up the lifestyle of your dreams?

Click here for the link to get started
I’ll be looking for you in the 5-Day MINDSET-TIME-MONEY CHALLENGE!

You’re invited to be part of the Coffee Hour Business Facebook Community. It’s free.


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