BEST PRACTICES are secret sauce shortcuts for dynamic & incredible growth of your blog & business

BEST PRACTICES are the secret sauce shortcuts for dynamic and incredible growth
of your blog and business.



SHORTCUTS to FAST change that are
PROVEN to work! 

Yes, Secret Shortcuts to Stupendous Results!

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Hi there wherever you may be,

Solo-Lady-or-Solo-Man-Online-CEOIf you’re a guy, just skip the word “Lady” and read “Solo Online CEO – BEST PRACTICES.

Most of the people I teach online are women and they love the flexibility of online courses and get togethers. Most of the people I teach locally in person are men and they have liked the speed of our jam packed in-person meetups.

BEST PRACTICES online is for both men & women.

I am a no frills or ruffles person. You’ll likely see my Coon Hound-Rottweiler mix and Black Lab fur-babies in my videos. I don’t gussy up. You’ll find me in flip flops, jeans and a t-shirt year-round..

That’s settled so let’s dive in…

If you have been around the internet a while or you use Pinterest, Facebook or other social media, you may hear those platforms refer to their Best Practices.

Best Practices in general are
SHORTCUTS to FAST change that are PROVEN to work.

Isn’t that what you are looking for
to start your business or
grow it to the next level?

If you want to see what you can get FREE every week,
skip to the bottom of this blog post.
If you want the details, keep reading.

Craving some magic widget to success drives you to searching the internet for a quick fix solution to make money with your blog and business.
Searching pulls up dozens of enticing subject lines from the gurus of blog and online business. They all have that quick fix to get you a lot of money fast.

Or do they?

You’ll see summits and bundles combining the ideas of dozens of these online gurus. These are sometimes offered to you as worth $5,000 but you can get it today for a measly $99.
I know how it goes! I have made a 2-year study of these offerings! You can read my blog on what I found. The ultimate result in every instance is chaos. There is no specific organized progression, you must hunt for and sort out what you need when you need it, if it’s there.

This is assuming you even know just what it is you need.
It’s not obvious or you would have fixed it!

If you knew what to do you wouldn’t be searching.

You need an expert, not another DIY article or online guru’s “cloned beginning blogger” who is just following someone else’s ideas.  
So, these prolific summits and bundles aren’t worth anything in my opinion. It’s just a way to make you think there is a magic bullet for online success. WRONG!

The ONLY way to a stable, consistent online success
and income that can pivot on a dime
when the online environment shifts is…
solo-lady-ceo-free-email     drum roll please !



What I teach in the Solo Lady CEO – BEST PRACTICES course works.
I created it to work based on my 20+ years online expertise.
It’s that simple – no fluff, no wasted time, no wasted money.

I firmly believe you can make as much money as you need, have free time to do what you enjoy and KNOW your blog & business are built on a rock-solid foundation by working SOLO.

That’s what I said – WORK SOLO, SOLO SIMPLE

Working SOLO is not understood by most bloggers or the online gurus who all teach the very same hit or miss ways to write, blog and grow a business.
So many gurus, bloggers and companies want to sell you tools and services you absolutely DON’T NEED.  They throw so much learning at you that it causes chaos.

For most writers who blog, this is just enough to constantly increase frustration and eventually they just quit.

Remember, only a very small percentage, like 5% or so, of all who set out to blog for a living succeed.

New or struggling bloggers are stressed, working too hard and not making the money they expected, if any at all.

What was meant to be an exciting business
turns into a money gobbling hobby.

Online gurus do nothing but create more work for you
and cost you BIG MONEY.

It’s time to take control! Are you ready?

By following the Solo Lady CEO BEST PRACTICES, you are working a plan that grows your blog, your business and your skills. It’s not rocket science, just what works.

Simple steps, only what you need when you need it,
and you get me 1-on-1.

REALLY! As a subscriber to my free weekly email Solo Lady CEO Writing Club or as a student in my paid BEST PRACTICES or PRO courses, I help you all the way.

We work together in our online community,
by email and individual 1-on-1 chats.

When I say you get me and my 20+ years expertise,
that means MEnot a clone or VA
who is hired to monitor a community.

The bottom line is BEST PRACTICES are the secret sauce shortcuts for
dynamic and incredible growth of your blog and business.

Last week I had a BIG AHA moment.


I was putting the updated lesson modules of my Solo Lady CEO – BEST PRACTICES course into my online classroom.  POW! I had the idea to share bite size pieces of the course with you each week – something you could use and get results on right away.
So, I packaged these precious little gems into bite size takeaways you get in the SOLO LADY CEO CLUB weekly email. These are powerful secrets and productivity skills from the lessons I teach in my 5-week BEST PRACTICES course.
The emails you get will be short, specific and actionable!
And they’re FREE!

Just click the box below or or on this text to subscribe
It’s free…


You can read about SOLO LADY CEO CLUB weekly email here.
Each week focuses on a very specific topic and task to help you grow your blog or business. These topics include writing, saving oodles of time, staying on task, getting rid of habits that kill productivity, procrastination and a whole lot more – each topic has a specific takeaway you can use to get results asap.
There is absolutely NO Risk to join because it’s FREE.
You can unsubscribe any time if you decide it’s not for you.
What I share with you can be implemented FAST & maximize your productivity.
The best part – Solo Lady CEO Writing Club is always free!

Here’s the link again…  get-solo-lady-ceo-club-weekly-email

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m anxious to get to know you and how I can help you reach your BIG dream.


P.S. Not everyone has a side hustle or blog or is interested in starting one. If this is you, please share this email with a friend who might be interested. I appreciate you sharing with friends!


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